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Jeff Pfoser

Jeff Pfoser is clever, skilled, seasoned and endlessly likable. Jeff is a joyful and surgical craftsman. I have never enjoyed a comic more.
— Michael Callahan / 2nd Story Comedy



Jeff Pfoser owns two minivans, enjoys top-shelf root beer and prefers eating breakfast food for dinner. A charismatic family man whose relatable stories take surprise twists and turns, Pfoser combines impromptu commentary with astute observations of both the magnificent and the mundane. A Stand Up! Records recording artist, he's appeared in the Boston Comedy Festival, the Fargo Comedy Festival, Minneapolis’ 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festivals, and Mexico's Akumal Comedy Festivals.

Jeff Pfoser is lively, likable, engaging and most of all, very funny. He brings great energy and a love for performing that radiates out into the crowd. I never worry when Jeff is on stage because I know he will give a great performance, my audience will be happy and frankly, I’ll look smart for booking him. I highly recommend him!
— Rachel Wegscheid / Owner / Joke Joint Comedy Club, MN / Joke Joint Comedy Showcase, TX

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